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This intimate workshop is intended to foster discussion on graduate education in the quantum sciences. We will bring together universities that have or will launch a new quantum degree program with industry and education experts. The goal of the workshop is to discuss curriculum, identify potential roadblocks and opportunities for collaboration, and hear from industry about the skills that are desired. 




Prof. Eric R. Hudson, UCLA
Prof. Jens Palsberg, UCLA
Prof. Mark Saffman, University of Wisconsin -Madison
Dr. David Steuerman, The Kavli Foundation



Clarice Aiello, University of California Los Angeles

Andreas Albrecht, University of California Davis

Hannes Bernien, University of Chicago

Tina Brower-Thomas, Howard University

Kenneth Brown, Duke University

Todd Brun, University of Southern California

Justin Caram, University of California Los Angeles

Eric Chitambar, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Rosa Di Felice, University of Southern California

Tomasz Durakiewicz, National Science Foundation

Karina Edmonds, Google

Eleazar Eskin, University of California Los Angeles

Michael Fox, University of Colorado Boulder

Saikat Guha, University of Arizona

Stephan Haas, University of Southern California

Alan Ho, Google

Alex Holleitner, Technical University of Munich

Eric Hudson, University of California Los Angeles

Jeff Hunt, The Boeing Company

Ania Bleszynski Jayich, University of California Santa Barbara

Robert Joynt, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thomas Koch, University of Arizona

Scott Koziol, Baylor University

Mike Larsen, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Danielle Latimer, The Kavli Foundation

Heather Lewandowski, University of Colorado Boulder

Douglas McClure, IBM

Eric Ostby, Google

Jens Palsberg, University of California Los Angeles

Gina Passante, California State University Fullerton

Clare Ploucha, Harvard Quantum Initiative

Kristen Pudenz, Lockheed Martin

Chris Richardson, University of Maryland

Jessica Rosenberg, George Mason University

Richard Ross, HRL Laboratories

Mark Saffman, University of Wisconsin-Madison & ColdQuanta, Inc.

Susan Schwamberger, Honeywell Quantum Solutions

Meenakshi Singh, Colorado School of Mines

Corey Stambaugh, Office of Science and Technology Policy

Chad Stark, OSA Foundation

David Steuerman, The Kavli Foundation

Michael Turner, The Kavli Foundation & University of Chicago

Nick Vamivakas, University of Rochester

Andreas Wallraff, ETH Zurich

David Weld, University of California Santa Barbara

James Whitfield, Dartmouth College

Benjamin Zwickl, Rochester Institute of Technology


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